Are you drawn towards white interiors?

Why discuss white, if technically it is not even a colour? My husband thinks it is a silly idea to start my blog with white as a colour designer! Well, I picked white because its benefits are many. It gives a sense of space, serenity and cleanliness. If your space is small, white might be one of your best friends as it makes any room look bigger. It is a timeless style that will never go out of fashion. But the disadvantage of white is that it can look sterile.  Read  on to see my first 5 tips on how this can be addressed

Tip 1 -Introduce some wood

White rattan swing chair in a white living room with wood decor
Uniqwa Coolections
Wooden element - wooden table and door
Adore Home Magazine

Adding one or more wood elements can infuse character and a sense of warmth to any white room. Maybe you don’t want to change your flooring for wood. But you can always buy some wood furniture. If you prefer a mainly white look for your room, you can always add some wood shelving somewhere. Very trendy now is the use of rattan furniture. By adding just a rattan armchair to your white linen sofa or some rattan baskets for storage you will avoid your white room looking sterile.

Tip 2 – Employ some subtle neutral colours

One of the best ways to make white warmer is by adding another very subtle colour. Among popular neutrals to mix with white are cream, light grey and pale pink. You don’t have to worry that your room will not look white anymore. As long as you add just a little bit of these accent colours, the final result will be great. For example you can do so on curtains, rugs, cushions and throws.

Tip 3 – Add some plants

Large green plant in a white room
A Beautiful Mess
2 green plants in black metal plant holders and black and white art
Adore Home Magazine

One of my favourite ways to add interest to a room, without having to spend a lot, is to use plants and flowers. They bring a bit of nature into our living spaces and brighten them greatly. If you are like me and manage to kill even a cactus, I recommend using artificial plants. These days there are many options on the market that are so realistic looking that your visitors will not suspect they are artificial. Plus, to make sure you trick them completely, don’t forget to put your flowers in a glass vase with water. 

Tip 4 – Add marble for a more luxurious look

If you like a modern luxurious look, add a marble element to your white room. You don’t have to buy an expensive marble kitchen island to achieve it. You could opt for a marble coffee table in your living room, night stands with a marble top for your bedroom and maybe marble shelves for your study. Nowadays there are many high street companies offering them for reasonable prices. Even if a marble dining table doesn’t fit your budget, you can always buy some marble accessories, for example a marble tray or cutting board to add this material to your space.

Tip 5 – Add a touch of black as an accent

White commode with a black and white picture above it
Adore Home Magazine
Minimalism Co

If you aiming for more of a sharp look, you might consider using black as it will provide a perfect contrast.  However, you should think carefully where to use it, in order not to end up with a black and white colour combination. Maybe you can use a statement light in black, or a black framed mirror to enhance an area of your room. If you are not absolutely sure this is the way to go in your space, you can always experiment by buying some small accessories in black, such as flower pots, or cushions for your sofa or bed. and live with it for a while to see if you like it.

These are my first 5 tips, which you can apply when designing a white room. But there is more that can be done. In the related article below you will find some more approaches for white room decoration that will make sure it doesn’t look sterile.

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