Did you have some time to think a little about your space in the hallway? Perhaps you have a clear idea of exactly what to store; but not how to make it look nice, airy and clutter free? Here are six tips to help you.

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Tip 1 – Store your stuff in a cloakroom

If you really have the luxury of keeping your everyday things in a separate cloakroom you can make your entryway completely clutter free and beautiful. However, you might not have this option, but instead a large recess, where you can hang coats and store shoes. Why not create a built-in custom cabinet there, maybe using sliding barn doors, which will conserve space and can add character?

If you have a recess; but the property is not yours, then you will probably not want to invest much into the hallway space. How about closing the recess with a curtain? The fabric you choose can determine the color and style of your entryway. However, not all fabrics are suitable for this purpose. I recommend that you check the fabric is suitable for a curtain use. Talk to the supplier about the way you plan to use it daily and get their opinion if it is easy to open on regular basis and if it doesn’t crease a lot.


Tip 2 – Built in cupboards for extra storage

Spacious white high gloss hallway built-ins
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For those of us who don’t have a recess, so what’s best in this case? Consider built-in cupboards. They are more practical than free-standing cabinets. The biggest advantage is that you can use every inch of space up to the ceiling, so you gain extra storage space. Also you don’t have to worry about dust accumulating on top of a cabinet. What I personally like most about built-in cupboards is they can be arranged exactly according to my storage needs. If you have the opportunity, this option is definitely worth considering.
Narrow hallwafloor to ceiling glass panelsy made bigger by
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Won’t a narrow hallway look even narrower if you build large cabinets up to the ceiling? It is true that it will reduce the space; but it can look larger and brighter if you add a large glass surface to it, such as using mirror panels instead of doors in the built-in cabinets. It will also be practical to see ourselves when leaving the house. But if, like me, you have small children, prepare yourself for endless cleaning, or learn to ignore it and polish occasionally just for visitors!
What if you think that a tall built-in cupboard will look too dominant in your home? Before crossing off this idea completely, consider designing your cupboard with a recess for featuring some beautiful décor – maybe your favorite painting or photograph. Could you complete the look with a distinctive ceiling lamp and carpet, which goes wonderfully with it? Don’t forget to include a shelf in the cabinet to store important things, such as keys, glasses, etc.

Tip 3 – Somewhere to sit

If you still have space after after the built-in cupboards my next tip is to place some kind of seating in your hallway. Add a bench or a comfy armchair. How great is it to be able to sit down when you struggle to put on some boots? Or if you’re like me, being able to sit down sounds good every time! In addition, you can put your handbag on it while you are preparing yourself to leave.


White hallway with white bench seat
A Beautiful Mess
But you may say: “All this sounds great, but my hall is really so small that nothing like that would fit. “ I understand that, and the truth is is it not possible in every space; but try to imagine if there is a solution in your case. Maybe you cannot have that big comfortable armchair to sit on. But what if the seating could be part of your built-in cupboards?
White hallway cupboard with bench
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Tip 4 – Improve your hallway by good lighting

For your hallway to be functional it is important to make sure there is sufficient lighting. Nobody wants to struggle to find the pair of shoes they want to put on in a dim light. If you cannot influence where the electricity is, think about where additional lighting can be added. Sometimes it is enough to replace weaker bulbs for stronger ones. If you add a beautiful lamp, you can make your hallway visually more appealing too.

Tip 5 – Lay practical but attractive tiles

One of the most important elements of any hallway is the floor. This area is exposed the most to all the dirt we bring in from the street. It is definitely worth having anti-slip tiles here, which not only clean well, but also prevent possible injuries. And as you will look at it daily, why not pick tiles that have a beautiful decor?
Hallway gray retro floor tiles
A Beautiful Mess
Should you have a rug in the hallway? Well, I am 50/50 on that one. My heart says yes, because thanks to the carpet, the entrance space can gain a lot of character. However, with small children, the rational part of me says no. I can clearly see the mud on the carpet and how they might trip over it when they argue about something. For me a vintage rug is the best, but nowadays one finds endless options of lovely modern rugs that can even be machine washed. If you opt for a carpet, it is important to check that it will not block doors from opening.
White hallway with blue rug
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Tip 6 – Create your story by displaying your items as part of the décor

Personal items displayed as decor in the hallway
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Maybe you don’t feel the need to hide your things, or just don’t have the option. Consider if it is possible to display them in a way that is pleasing to the eye? You could group your hats in some creative way, use pretty decorative baskets for your scarfs and gloves or display the items you like most on open shelving.


These are my six tips on how to arrange a hallway according to its size and the needs of the owner. 

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