Can you think of one thing that will completely change how you will feel in the hallway? It’s true that objects we have in this space can create a certain mood; but nothing can influence the atmosphere as much as this. Yes, it’s colour! The very same hallway can feel completely different just by changing the colours of the walls. Since is it proven that colours effect our moods, let’s give it some further thought.

Simply Home Decorating, Photography Tracey Ayton

Tip 1 – First think about outdoors

But where do we even start when we think about the colour composition of our hallway? For me personally, our apartment is my oasis, a nest where I recharge. So why not start at the entrance to the home? Just by painting the front door, we can evoke the feeling of home. Who among us does not like the feeling after a busy day: “Finally home! “Your entrance to the house will be even more beautiful if we add some decorative elements, such as flowerpots. If you are like me, you will enjoy changing your entry according to the seasons. The type of flowerpots will depend on your personal likes and a type of your property. Do you want to bring more colour into your outdoor space? Then pick some vivid colour flowerpots. In a country house traditional teracotta flowerpots will look great with seasonal daisies. A modern house will look better with minimalistic tall concrete flowerpots.
Blue front door with plant pots on each side
Linda Floyd Interior Design

Tip 2 – Pick your colour scheme

When we browse through colour swatches most of us are attracted by specific colours or shades. If you are clearly inclined to a certain colour or colour combination, try to imagine where you would like to use it. For example a simple approach would be to paint one or more walls in this colour.
Loe cupboard in mustard under 3 white pictures in modern hallway
A Beautiful Mess

If you prefer to keep your walls neutral, you might use your favorite colour just as a focal point. This means you will use your chosen colour on something that your eyes will focus on when entering the room. Simply put, it’s the star of your hall. What do you want the eye to be drawn to when entering the room? Your choice might be anything from a beautiful painting, bold painted chest of drawers, antique vase with flowers, tiles, designer’s chandelier, mirror…. the list could go on…

What if the colour you like feels maybe bit too strong to use for all walls? In this case you can paint your walls in some neutral colour like white, cream or grey. Or in some subtle soft shade of other colours that have a calming effect. Your chosen colour you will use as your focal point , something that your eyes will focus on when entering the room. 

Tip 3 – Think of the mood of your hallway

Some people find it hard to settle on one colour scheme. What then? Before you get confused and frustrated by looking at swatches with an endless selection of colours, first, try to imagine what feeling you wish to evoke in your hallway. Do you like a vision of a light airy entrance, or do you prefer to create a more intimate mood? Or return to a warm welcoming home after a long busy day at work? Think about which colour would make you feel that way. Whichever colour combination you decide to go for,will set the tone for your entire home. Let’s take a brief look at the inspiration for creating the atmosphere you are looking for.
Picture in wooden frame on wall in all white hallway
Adore Home Magazine

Calming Airy Feel
Many of us live in a modern flat or house. When we buy it is often painted in white colour. White is a perfect colour to make your space feel bright and airy. If idea of a white hallway makes you feel cold and sterile, opt for some other neutral colour. Among popular choices are creams and greys, but also some subtle shades of pinks,blues and greens. These colours can have a very desired calming effect. If you wish to create this neutral sort of mood, then these colours are the right ones for you. By adding accessories to a light colour palette it makes a space more personal and cozy. Again, it’s good to think about exactly what will be the main feature of the hallway, what we want to focus our eyes on. What exactly will you see right after opening your front door? If you have a hard time deciding about your focal point, think of an item you really love, an item you don’t mind seeing few times a day. In our hallway it is a painting i find soothing. What will be your focal point?

black built in cupboard with the wooden bench
Studio McGee

Moody Feel
If you are like me, your goal will be to evoke a moody feel right at the entrance. By ‘Moody’ I am not suggesting something depressing or sad! Rather i use the term to describe rooms that are distinct, rich, and full of character. The space that feels intimate with bit of mystery and at the same time ellegant. By painting your walls in a dark colour, such as popular dark grey, blue or black your hallway will gain depth and will feel moody in a right way. Why not pick even some bolder wallpaper in a darker colour scheme? Your hallway will be very distinct and will have tons of character. If wallpaper doesn’t appeal to you why not try painting your hallway with a darker colour? In case you discover that it is not your cup of tea, the worst thing that can happen is that you will have to repaint it back to a light colour; but I think it’s worth the risk.

Happy and Cheerful Are you a family with smaller children? Do you wish to create a happy feel in your home? Nothing more brightens up your hallway than vivid cheerful colours. For those afraid that their home will look childish, the best is to keep the majority of space in light neutral colours, applying some bright cheerful colours as an accent on accessories. By using cheerful colours in your interior, you will create the feeling of a warm home. As the children grow, you will be able to replace those colourful elements later for something less bright. Though, who knows, when your children are big you might still find out that you really love your bright cheerful hallway and you will happily stick with it!

Tip 4 – Enhance Your Existing Features

Sometimes it’s not all that easy to use the color combination you like. Your home may already have dominant architectural elements that you must take into account when planning your design. An example is a brick wall. The colour of the bricks certainly cannot be combined well with every color shade. What then? In this case I think you have 2 options. The first option is to count on the bricks and use them as a focal point in your hallway and choose a shade of paint that compliments the color of the bricks. If you paint the rest of your hallway in white and add some darker wooden furniture, your hallway will gain a warm rustic feel. By adding raw metal instead of wood, you can achieve an industrial look in your hallway.
Red brick wall with wooden bench in house entrance
Tiffany Jayne
What if you don’t like your brick wall? Another option is to paint the bricks. This way they will not be so dominant and you will have far more choices when choosing your favorite colour combination of your space. You could also paint them in a completely different colour. What about your very favorite colour? For sure, your brick wall can be a beautiful focal point of the entrance.
Two tone painted brick wall in hallway
Photo by Alberto Bobbera on Unsplash

Tip 5 – Add character to your walls without painting them

White wallpaper with striking black motif in hallway
Studio Mc Gee

What if you are drawn to striking and distinctive interiors? I have already mentioned how great the wallpaper in the hallway could be. Your walls can gain a personality. Picking accessories is then quite easy. Just look at the detail of your wallpaper, to help you decide which shades and patters you can use as your inspiration. Personally, I think that less is sometimes more, so if your wallpaper is very bold and colourful, treat it like your focal point and back everything else. By this you ensure your bold hallway design will be balanced and will not be too busy looking.


So do you know which colour is the right one for you? I hope that after reading this article you will already know more clearly which direction to take when planning the colour scheme of your hallway. When picking colours, it is good not to rush the process. After all, you will live with it every day. 

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