Are you tired of the colour scheme in your home? Or you just want to refresh your interior a it? No matter what you are personally drawn to, the way we apply colours on a wall can dramatically change the overall look and feel of any room. In this second article on the subject I will give you another 5 tips on how you can use a pot of paint to your advantage! 

Unsplash – David Pisnoy

Tip 6 – Paint horizon scene

Interior design, like fashion, changes according to trends. One that we still see around is a feature wall with a beautiful panoramic scene from nature. On Pinterest you can find tutorials on how to do it. Just key in ‘mountain mural diy’ If you are afraid that you will not be able to do this, or if you do not want to attempt such a demanding job, you can still create it by buying a panoramic wallpaper with a horizontal motif.
scandi dining room with wooden table and white chairs and mural wallpaper in blue green colour scheme
Heart Home Magazine

Tip 7 – Paint your furniture to stand out

I’ve already written about walls, how about painting the furniture? As you may already know from reading my other post, deciding on what sort of mood you wish to create in a room should be your starting point. Paint on the furniture can help you create a certain visual effect. For example if you have a big cupboard in an otherwise small room, by painting it the same colour as the wall, it will blend in with the surroundings and not look so massive. Optically, the cabinet will look like it is part of the wall and thus appear smaller than it actually is.
We use our dining area few times a day. Why not make it a joyful space where a whole family gathers together? Simply by painting your wooden dining chairs in different colours, you can bring more happiness to your everyday living. Pair it with your china to create a cohesive happy look.
dining room with wooden table and colourful chairs and white fireplace
Laura Fulmine. Photo by Ben Anders
bedroom with white bed linen and large built-in cupboard in dark blue and white colour with golden handles
Beau Intérieur
In case you have inherited some older built-ins, have you considered how to make them a beautiful feature of your room? Why not simply paint them with 2 different colours and update them with trendy handles?
Are you more conservative when it comes to experimenting with colours? In this case, why not try to paint the interior of cabinets or cupboards? It is a small space that can be returned to its original state quite easily. After a while, you will see for yourself whether you like white walls only or slowly with time and careful experimentation you will be ready to paint your furniture or walls in a more colourful way.
bedroom with white cupboards painted in green colour inside of them
Home World Design

Tip 8 – Paint your doors

old kitchen door painted in yellow and white colour
Histórias de Casa, photo by Isadora Fabian
Interior doors are often overlooked; but it is true that they still take up quite a bit of space. If you decide to choose them as a focal point of your home, again on Pinterest you will find countless variations not only of colours; but also on how to paint them in a creative way. Personally, I find it interesting to connect the colour on the wall with the colour on the door, as shown in the picture.

Tip 9 – Paint the floor

I have talked about updating your old built-ins with a pot of paint; but what about the old wooden floor that you don’t like very much? Painting it might be an easier alternative to changing it. I love the picture above, where architects beautifully connected the paint from floor to ceiling. Surely by being creative with a pot of paint you can achieve beautiful effect even on restricted budget.
bedroom with green walls, white ceiling, green wooden floorboards and wooden bed with white bedding
INT2 Architecture

Tip 10 – Add an original feature

grey wall with painted scene in blue, white and black colour
Unsplash, Annie Spratt
What if you have an idea in your head on how to make your walls very personal but you can’t find what you’re looking for on the market? Well, it’s always possible to turn to some local artist, who will bring your imagination into life. So maybe you will hire a specialist who will draw for you something, that is meaningful to you. This way your home will be not only unique but will feel very personal to you too. Your mural picture will bring that special “homie feel” and who doesn’t want that?


After reading this article, you might think that colourful interiors are not for you. Such interiors look great on Instagram; but you prefer a more neutral effect. Even so, maybe there is one part of the home where you can be more creative. Does it occur to you where I mean? Yes, in the children’s room a creative mind has a green light! If this interests you have a look in my related articles below. 

For more inspiration, feel free to look at my Pinterest board related to painting walls and furniture.

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