Are you about to pick a colour scheme for your children’ s room? Maybe you wonder where to begin. Should you go for a traditional pink and blue colour scheme? Or do you wish to do something “out of the box”? Before you pick your final colour scheme, let’s see what possibilities there are with paint – and have some fun in the process!

Tip 1 – Paint the ceiling

boy bedroom with dark blue ceiling and blue and white rug and white walls
Design for Comscious Living, photo -Donna Griffith
girl’s bedroom in an orange colour scheme with colourful stripy rug in green and orange colour
Lita Dirks & Co.
I dare to say that most of us strive to create a perfect kingdom for our children in their bedrooms. A place, where they will be happy, a safe haven to shelter them from anything on their way to adulthood. Does your child have a favourite colour? How about putting it on the ceiling? Your child might find it soothing to look at his or her favourite colour when lying in bed.
If the colour feels too dark or simply visually very strong, instead of painting the entire ceiling in this colour you can just make a simple border line around the ceiling to add some interest to child’s bedroom. In case the room has a moulding, you can just paint the moulding and leave the rest of the walls white for a more striking look. To carry on in a particular colour scheme, why not pair it with some nice wallpaper on one of the walls?

Tip 2 – Visually separate of part of the room

boy bedroom with bricks painted in blue colour and geometric colourful rug, dark blue bed and yellow puffs
Int2 Architecture

How to create zone separation if you have two siblings? What great visual tricks you can do with just one pot of paint! Even if your children don’t have to share one room together, you can still creatively define certain zones of their bedrooms. Among popular choices are, for example, separating a game zone from a sleeping area. Another option is to highlight with paint the wall where your child has their desk. When you paint it with a soothing colour such as blue or green, it may help your child to better concentrate on learning.

Tip 3 – Use paint to create a focal point

boy’s bedroom with feature colourful mural wallpaper , light grey bed and light grey furniture
Francesca Tosolini, Unsplash
Have you got at home a young individual who wants to have something original on the wall? Why not paint your child’s favourite motif on the wall? The place above the bed is an ideal spot for that, it will give the child a feeling of his personal space, a place that is only his.

Tip 4 – Think of geometry

Boy's bedroom with bold wall paint in white blue and brown colour
JLV Design Ltd
colourful child’s bedroom with geometric paint effect in yellow, dark blue and white colour scheme with and dark blue curtains
Trend - Unsplash
What about using geometry in children’s rooms? Painted squares or rectangles behind the shelves can highlight even more the beauty of toys or books. A big bold triangular painted in the corner can be an interesting feature in their space, plus it can visually widen an otherwise smaller room. With the help of geometry, again one can easily optically create certain zones. With any bold pattern less is more. Beware that big patterns can frighten especially small children. The best is to use other colourful décors sparingly in order to create a cohesive, harmonious look.

Tip 5 – Paint some stripes

colourful boy bedroom with light blue striped walls, black ceiling light, white and yellow striped curtains and white wooden furniture
Turnstyle Design
Many childrens’ rooms are not very spacious. Stripes can make any space look either taller or wider depending on how they are painted on the wall. In children rooms one can really play with different colour schemes, where the sky is the limit. When decorating with stripes, I personally prefer lighter colours so that the room doesn’t look too intense. If you really love stripes, why not pair your wall design with curtains that have a subtle striped detail on them? Or on other accessories such as bedding or storage baskets

Tip 6 – Paint horizons instead of using wallpaper

Wall mural painted in children’s room in light blue and dark blue colour with pink floor lamp, yellow chair and wooden furniture
Are you looking for a trendy way to use paint in your children’s room and you are not afraid to be creative with it? In that case painting a feature wall with a horizon theme might be the good option for making your child’s room beautiful for many years to come. Personally I’m not brave enough to do it myself; but the truth is that you don’t have to do the contours exactly, it can look like it is meant to be imperfect. Truly you don’t have to be a specialist for these kind of paintings. Don’t wish to experiment with paints yourself, but still fancy having a horizontal mural? For sure you will be able to find wallpapers with the horizontal motif.

Tip 7- Paint your furniture to stand out

Is your preference to keep the walls white and just add a little bit of colour to your child’s room? White walls will look beautiful with a splash of colour on the furniture. An old chest of draws from an antique store can easily get a new fresh look with some lovely colour of your choice. Fancy making the furniture stand out as a focal point? Why not paint each drawer in a different colour? For a softer look, but still colourful go for pastel colours. They will have a soothing effect without your room ending up being too colourful. What if you think that still seems too colourful to you? Then why not paint just a small piece of furniture such as a stool? You will add just bit of colour and your room will still be predominantly white.
girl’s bedroom with detail of a painted light blue wooden stool and two white pictures in white frames on the wall
Crazy Wonderful

Tip 8 – Experiment with different paint colours

Do you want to involve your children in the painting of the room? Of course, it depends on their age and quite honestly also on your patience. If you buy more cans of paint, why not paint bigger dots? Even if in the end it will not the best art ever made, for you and your little ones it may be the most beautiful decor that cannot be bought for money. In addition, when your children grow up, you may want to leave the walls like this to remember them. My suggestion would be to draw the dots with pencil 1ST and just later try to fill them with your chosen paint colours.

Tip 9 – Paint a blackboard to draw on

Do you have children who like to draw their art on the wall instead of on a paper? We have and solved it by gluing on one part of the wall and inside of their closets a DIY – colouring wallpaper. So they have a clearly defined space where they can be creative without getting into trouble (mind you that is the theory!) Another option is to use a specialized black paint that can be drawn on. In effect it will look like a black board. If you worry that black paint is too dark for your particular colour scheme, you can always get this special paint mixed in whatever colour you wish. Truly your painted wall can be changed into a creative canvas! What if you worry that you will not like it and you will be stuck with it forever? Then just search for a Dry Erase Paint. You might be surprised how much fun your family can have with it.

Girl’s bedroom with pink wall paint and black blackboard for drawing on next to to a white desk with with shelves
Agsia design group

Tip 10 – Add an original feature

Wall painting of a girl on a red brick wall
Alex Motoc - Unsplash
Wall painting of a boy with dinosaur on a red brick wall
Yaopey Young - Unsplash
For example my little dream is to draw our family in a cheerful colourful style a la Andy Warhol. I can hear now my husband saying: “WHAT?!” Ok, that is my dream. What might be your child’s dream? If your children have some strong affection for something, why not paint it for them? For example, which boy doesn’t love dinosaurs?


So those are my 10 tips on how to creatively use colour in a child’s room. If we areat home a lot of the time why not talk about how to bring humor to the design of our homes? I look forward to it bringing a smile on you and your childrens’faces J

For more inspiration, feel free to look at my Pinterest board related to painting walls and furniture. Read ‘It’s Amazing What You Can do With Paint! – Part 1’
Girl holding a slice of watermelon under her ey
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