“Colours must fit as pieces in a puzzle or cogs in a wheel.”

Hans Hofmann

Renovation of Kinsky Hunting Lodge in Czech Switzerland

The building dates from 1832 and is built from sandstone and brick. The goal was to modernize the property in a style sympathetic to its age and surroundings. Although the structure is not individually assigned an historical status, it lies within a protected area that requires certain standards of external presentation. The property had been used as a weekend holiday home by previous owners and was suffering from a lack of investment and maintenance.

The project scope understandably  included external repairs and renovation, installation of water, sewage, central heating, and rewiring. However it also included extensive internal remodelling. The following pictures touch on what was done and how I approached the design and furnishing with the goal of harmonising a more up to date interior with the old heart of the building and creating a warm country home.